Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

September 1, 2013 0 By Dzulfikar


I think the best place to escape from our daily routine is sea. I dunno why. When I sit on the sand and look at the horizon, that makes me feel comfortable. Sea is one of my choice to spend holiday.

These pics, I took in Kotok Island in thousand Islands in Indonesia. This is kind of resort. You can take a boat from Marina Ancol, Jakarta. It’s about two hours to get to Kotok Island.

Kotok Island is far from Marina Ancol. If you take a public boat in Muara Angke Harbor, it will be a long journey. For the first time, you had better take a public boat. But, if you can’t stand waiting, you should take speed boat from Marina Ancol. 





I use these pics in a blog competition held by tourism and culture department of Jakarta. I spent two days in Kotok Island, Jakarta. After that, I reviewed my visiting to Kotok Island for the last competition. Thanks god, I got the third place in that competition. The competition was held to promote thousand islands Jakarta to local tourist and also foreigners.

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